Full Underwrites Save Lives

Look, no one is really saving lives selling real estate or writing mortgage loans, but we can change lives and we can help people find their dream homes, right?

I think we all agree that being part of this process for new buyers can be exceptionally rewarding. Moreover, if we do it right, we can save ourselves and our clients loads of time and stress! The result is client loyalty and that pays dividends over the long run.

You’ll still spend long hours hunting for the right home for your buyer. However, good realtors ensure that their buyers are well-qualified before getting in the car and driving all over God’s green earth, right?

Pre-approvals are nothing new. A buyer submits their documentation and then the bank runs the loan application through an automated system to generate a pre-approval. Simple, easy and it delivers an answer.

Often, this is as far as it goes until it comes time to go into contract. Then the file goes to underwriting where a live person goes through the details to render an official approval with conditions.

Imagine the following scenario: you’ve spent weeks (maybe months in this market) directing your buyers to ideal properties. You’ve shown them dozens of properties, spending valuable time (and money) searching for their dream home. You write the perfect offer, submit it to the listing agent, who accepts it, only to find out the underwriter won’t accept the buyer’s source of funds.

You’ve lost trust with your buyers, time and money marketing dozens of properties and preparing your offer and now the bank is bailing out on you because your borrower is using a recent crypto currency windfall for the down payment. (see the additional post within on how to use crypto currency to purchase real estate)

What if you could skip ahead of all this nonsense? What if you could get an underwriter to review your buyer’s documentation without having a property address? Crazy, right? Not really.

Contact us today about a fully approved and underwritten loan for your buyer before you get into contract. It could save you and your buyer considerable stress at the most important step of the purchase process.

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